Axle Work - Yep, We Do That Too

Picture of a Jeep regear in progress

We get asked all the time if we do regears, install lockers, weld on trusses, or do axle swaps.  Of course we do!  Eaton, Ox, Detroit, ARB, or anything you Toyota guys can come up with.  You name we can install it.

Welded on Truss Kit

Same goes for trusses.  All the way back at the old shop even we were welding on trusses.  Artec, Barnes, Ballistic Fab, and a bunch of others.  If it is for sale online we have probably welded at least one on.  

drum brakes being rebuilt

What about drum brakes?  Only a lunatic would willingly rebuild drum brakes.  Well, we it the bill I guess because we can absolutely restore your vintage brake system.  We won't put new pads on your Honda Accord, but if you have a Jeep and want custom, updated, or refreshed brakes look no further.

Apex Chassis steering kit

We are dealers for all sorts of great companies and are happy to install beefy upgraded steering.  We are direct dealers for Apex, Teraflex, Metalcloak, and more.  Drag link flips?  We have done a ton (pun intended).  

PSC Hydro Assist Steering

Hydro assist and full hydro steering are other things we're happy to help you with.  Off the shelf kits or complete custom setups are all in our wheelhouse.  

Want tons, but don't know where to start? We do!

What we're getting at is that if you need an axle swap or any kind of axle work we can make it happen for you.  

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  • Hi I was wanting get a quote how much you would charge to regear my 18 jk wrangler

    Mitchell mcgirt

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