3rd Gen Tacoma Gets ready for 35s

Our friend Reed brough his Army Green 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma for a pile of goodies.

First up was the Ironman 4x4 raid series front bumper with their 9500 lb Monster Winch with synthetic rope.  This was our first install of an Ironman 4x4 product, and we were impressed.  So much so that we are now happy to announce that we are dealers for them!

Next up was the Oversized Tire Fitment Kit from C4 Fabrication.  The kit made the process pretty straight forward:  Trim the fenders, replace the liners, modify the pinch weld, cut off the old cab mount and weld new mounts in place.  

We are also using this truck to prototype our custom splash guards.  We've got the shape down perfect and are experimenting with how best to mount them to allow for flex while keeping them securely in place.

Stay tuned for the rest of the build.  We've got more big plans in the works!

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