Who We Are

Jess and Sean smiling at a charity Jeep showDave, Nolan, and Sean smiling at the second anniversary party
At our very core we are a local family owned shop that is dedicated to building dream projects for our customers by challenging ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday.  To really know who we are, however, you have to know where we came from, where we are now, and where we are headed.  
The first post on social media of For Fox Sake Offroad
The Beginning 

Before we were even a shop Sean had spent years in a local Jeep club and was an active part of the community.  Necessity made him learn how to work on his own TJs so he could go play in the woods or wheel with the best of them in Moab.  What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion.  Turning wrenches on his own Jeep soon became helping others in the club dial in their rigs.  As his skills increased so did the number of folks asking for help.  Feeling unfulfilled in the corporate world he was working in and a growing reputation made him wonder if he could turn this passion for Jeeps into a livelihood. 

So began the official start of For Fox Sake Offroad in March of 2020.  Our logo was drawn in MS Paint, the paperwork was filed with the state of Indiana, and a corner of Sean's garage was turned into a business.  With nothing but a name and some personal hand tools Sean set out to chase his dreams.
A Jeep on the only lift in Sean's home garage

Nights and Weekends

It almost sounds too cheesy, but we really did start with Sean working in his garage at home on nights and weekends after he got done with his day job.  He took all the money coming into the shop and reinvested it into the business.  Before long he even had his very own lift!  As the tools, equipment, and capabilities increased so did the customer base.  Sean began branching out into fabrication and had a wild idea that maybe he could make custom Jeep parts to help people make their Jeep one of a kind.  

As he began tooling up for the next step of the adventure our name was tweaked a little and we became For Fox Sake Offroad & Metalworks.  But that wasn't the only big change to happen in 2020.
A metal cutout of Joe Exotic on Sean's Jeep that says "I'm never gonna financially recover from this"
A Global Pandemic

The pandemic came in like a wrecking ball and changed everyone's lives.  To say it had an impact on our future is a huge understatement.  Just as we were gaining momentum everything was shutting down.  Never one to let an obstacle slow him down, Sean used the extra time at home to work on his fabrication and metalworking skills.  He continued to take on new projects that tested his limits and really began to focus on our mission of being better every day than we were the day before.  We added CNC plasma cutting to our offerings in the summer and really started to focus on making Jeeps (or other offroad vehicles) one of a kind.  

The unexpected came when instead of business slowing down with everyone stuck at home it went into overdrive.  Folks realized that even though they couldn't meet in groups or go on long trips they could still go on adventures in their vehicles and enjoy the great outdoors.  Sean kept burning the candle at both ends to keep up with demand through the rest of the year before finally taking the big plunge.
Sean's garage with the second lift added in 2021

Going Full Time

Finally it got to the point where a decision had to be made.  It wasn't possible to be successful at his full time job and give the amount of dedication and attention to his customers that Sean knew they deserved.  So in the spring of 2021 with Jess' support and encouragement he took the big leap, quit his corporate job, and went all in with the shop.  This is where the business really took off.

Before long Sean and Jess were cutting holes in the side of their home shop, finding new places to store all the things that used to be in their garage, and adding a second lift to be able to take on some long term projects.  The rest of the second year in business was a blur.  Sean and Jess did the best they could to keep up with the demands of an ever growing business, but as more attention was needed on the administrative details one thing quickly became apparent: they needed help.
Dave poses in front of Sean's Jeep

The Family Grows

Sean, Jess, Nolan, and the dogs kept the ship afloat for as long as they could, but what they needed was another set of hands.  Enter Dave!  Dave was the first full time employee hired on to help us continue to serve our customers at the highest level.  He brought with him experience in welding, fabrication, and the subtle art of rust belt vehicles.  More importantly his can do attitude and shared vision for treating every project we work on with utmost respect made him a perfect fit.  

We hit our second anniversary in spring of 2022 and with Dave joining the team and Cody coming to help another big decision had to be made.
A picture of the new shop under construction

The New Shop

Everyone has to start somewhere.  For two years the little home garage had been just the place to get the ball rolling.  However, with a growing staff, increasing capabilities, and more and more necessary equipment it became obvious a new space couldn't be put off any longer.  After searching for months for the perfect place we finally found a new shop to call home.


The Team Keeps Growing

Always pushing the limit of what we can do meant we needed to keep growing our team.  First came Tim and his majestic mullet.  Timmy specializes in diagnostics, motor work, and making the impossible happen.  When noone else has expertise in a new field it is Tim who becomes our Executive VP of whatever we need to learn.  

We recognized that with our growing work load and new building we needed some help keeping up with supporting our customers.  Enter Alexa!  She is our customer service/showroom extraordinaire.  She's the first face you see when you walk in, and the first friendly voice you hear when you call.  

With more room to breathe and an increased demand for our custom products we soon needed to bring on someone to help Sean with the computer drawing and design side of the shop.  Enter Noah!  He specializes in all things CAD.  Whether that's our custom inner fenders, bumpers, brackets, or anything else we need to get from real life into the computer so we can precision cut it out of metal or 3D print it, he's our guy.  

Interior of new Fab Shop

The New Shop Gets Bigger

The new shop was 4 times bigger than the garage at home Sean started in, but with the new bigger team it soon became clear that we needed more room.  

By taking over another space we were able to expand even further and dedicate the entire area to fabrication.  The all new Fab Shop is still under construction, but it will allow us the room to expand upon what we can do.  We are using the are for research and design for new products, innovating what we're able to do, and building entire projects from the ground up.  More room meant more space for more guys!  Soon after expanding Luke, Chris, and Jordan brought with them their own specialties and readiness to learn to help keep the team moving forward.

That brought us to our 3rd anniversary in Spring of 2023

Picture of the guys podcasting

New Forms of Media

As if the we didn't have our plate full enough 2023 brought on some new changes to how we interact with everyone.  

First we expanded what we have to offer on our website.  We added the Builds section so we can make quick blog posts and show off some of our favorite projects.

We started the For Fox Sake Afterhours Podcast where we get together, share a frosty beverage, talk a little trash, and chat about all things offroad.

Youtube is another place where you can find updates and we added a new segment called shop walks where each week Sean walks through and gives updates on our big projects and cool new things we're working on.  

Of course we're still active on Facebook and Instagram

As we continue to get settled in to our new, bigger, and much nicer space we have our eyes on the horizon for what we can grow into.  New products and services are being developed as you read this.  We're beyond excited to see what that future holds.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!