A new frame for a YJ

A picture of a rusted Jeep YJ Frame

This picture pretty well sums up the overall condition of the frame on this poor old YJ.  The old gal still has tons of life left in her, but a couple of bad attempts at frame repair made this one the first that was just too far gone to repair.  No worries, though, we'll just build her a new one!

Jeep Wrangler YJ with the body removed from the frame

Jeep YJ has the tub removed from the frame

Just as soon as we got settled into the new shop we started taking things apart.  Step one is to remove the body from the frame.  We're going to have to get in and do a decent amount of body work with the floor pans and some rocker panels that are pretty rusted as well while we have the tub pulled off.

The drivetrain is stripped from the YJ frame

Up next was to remove the drivetrain, axles, and everything else from the frame and prep the Throttle Down Kustoms frame rails.

Custom brackets shown on new Jeep YJ frame

Then we set the Rust Buster crossmembers in place and got to work on creating the rest of the brackets needed to build the frame.  We cut them out on the plasma table, bent them in the press brake, and welded them in place one by one.  

Next we located all the holes that needed to be drilled in the frame and began work to locate the axles and hang the springs from the frame.  We've just about got that part wrapped up and step next will be to start getting the drivetrain mocked up in the frame and all the mounts for it welded in.

This is still an active work in progress for us and we'll be sure to update the page as we make more progress.

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  • Hello, kind regards. I have a 4Runner 2006, V6, 4×4 and I want to change the frame. What’s the price of that? thank you.


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