Another Frame Off Scrambler Restoration

Jeep Scrambler on the lift at the start of the project

We had so much fun with the last Scrambler restoration that we thought we'd do it all again!  This one has a pretty sweet livery and all the options, bells, and whistles that you could get.  The problem is the frame is toast.

The goal for this one is to make it a cruiser again and bring it back to life where it looks good, but isn't a numbers matching restoration.  Functionality while looking great is the name of the game.

A rusty Jeep frame

A torn down Jeep Scrambler

The first step of the process was to pull the body off of the frame and strip everything down to the bare frame.  Then we send it off to sandblast to see if this frame is salvageable.  That's where we are at so far.  We'll keep this updated as we make more progress!

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