CanAm Maverick X3 Gets a Lift Kit and a Wrap

A can Am Maverick sits outside the old For Fox Sake Offroad shop

This one showed up at the old shop with lots of goodies already, but it needed some love.  We started with a lift kit to help clear the big tires, tuned the protop box, did some routine maintenance, but the biggest difference was the custom wrap!

Custom wrap being installed on a CanAm Maverick X3

We picked out the design and colors for the custom wrap and got to work installing it.  The pieces came precut which was nice, but just like everything else our 1 day project took 4 days.  The end result was absolutely stunning!  Check out the WALKAROUND VIDEO

Can Am Maverick X3 with a custom wrap

Can Am Maverick X3 with custom wrap and lift kit

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