CJ That Was Rotting Away Is Given New Life

A Jeep CJ is rotting away in a garage

Everyone who works on cars dreams of finding something rare rotting away in a barn.  This was in a garage, not a barn, but we still got the call to bring it back to life.

Jeep CJ is shown being tried to start

After sitting for who knows how many years the owners decided it was time to get the old CJ back on the road.  They had tried everything they could to get it started with no luck.  We loaded up the shop rig and went on a field trip.  After some fiddling, replacing a few parts, and lots of ether we got it fired up!

A Jeep CJ is shown sitting outside of the old For Fox Sake Offroad shop

We dusted it off and drove off into the sunset.  Well, not exactly.  A few miles down the road we ran out of gas and Dave had to rescue us.  

Still, we took something that wouldn't even start and a few hours later we were driving to the old shop for some more work.  We fixed some electrical issues, a bad steering box, leaking fuel lines, and a few other gremlins from sitting so long and the owner gets to enjoy driving it around.

Sure, we do high end restorations, but that isn't all we do.  I believe every Jeep is better off on the road than it is rotting in some barn.  Maybe you aren't ready to dump a ton of money into a project, but that doesn't mean you can't get it going and enjoy it.  

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