Custom Metal Works

Metalworks is right in our name, but most folks don't realize we love taking on all sorts of custom work.  CNC Plasma, tube bending, plate bending, welding, powdercoating, you name we love doing it.  Here's a few of the one off pieces we have worked on.

An adorable dog at our shop counter

Of course we had to make ourselves a fancy counter for the show room.  It could easily be a bar top or any other piece of custom metal furniture you desire.  Adorable dog not included.

Custom License Plate Name

This was a fun project as part of a bigger build, but we made a name plate to go on this customer's license plate.  Powdercoated to match her Jeep.  

Custom Exhaust Skid

Another fun one we did was this custom muffler skid plate.  We made it one of a kind by putting the customer's Jeep's name right on it and powdercoating it to match the Jeep.

Custom Slider Name Plates

Have Smittybilt Atlas sliders?  We can make you custom name plates HERE
Have a different brand?  We can make custom plates for yours too.  Just send us a message.  

Metal duck in the rain

Are you even living the Jeep life if you don't have DUCKS

Wakeboard speakers on a custom bar in a Jeep JK

Want to put wakeboard speakers in your 2 door Jeep JK?  You'll have a hard time finding a bar to mount them on, but we're happy to make you one.

Custom name plates for side steps

A customer came by the old shop and asked if we could make him custom name plates for his side steps.  We took his old ones, made our own version, put the custom name on it, and powdercoated it the color he wanted.
These are just a few examples of the one of a kind custom work we can do in our fab shop.  If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

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