FJ40 Gets Some Love and New Life

FJ40 Landcruiser

There's no denying that the 40 series Landcruiser is one of the most iconic 4x4 vehicles around.  We were incredibly honored to be able to do work on this one.
It was a survivor and a cruiser as it was, but didn't drive super awesome.

We went through and brought it back to it's former driving glory by rebuilding the front and rear axles, adding an Auburn to the rear, fixing the speedometer, refreshing the steering, tracing down a few electrical gremlins, and bring the PTO winch back online.  We also fabricated a new roller fairlead plate to work with the brush guard to keep everything safe.  A few mechanical goodies like tuning the carb and adjusting the valves really put the icing on the cake and made this an awesome Sunday cruiser again!

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