Flat Tow Setup for a JL 4xe

A Jeep Wrngler JLU 4xe is towed behind a motorhome

For Fox Sake Offroad, Metalworks, & Motorhomes?  Not just yet, but we were able to help this customer out with his brand new Jeep Wrangler JLU 4xe.  He wanted to tow it behind his motorhome, but not have it have a big ugly draw bar hanging off the front when he was driving around down.

We installed the MAXIMUS-3 setup to be used with a blue ox tow bar that made for a super clean low profile install.  When you get to the campsite you unhook the tow bar and are only left with two small hooks under the bumper.

Pair that with the dynamic braking, battery tender, and breakaway system you end up with a setup that not only looks great, it also performs well, and is safe.

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