Long Arms and Teraflex Axle for Mr. Handsome Giant!

A table shows piles of Jeep Wrangler parts including Falcon shocks, Teraflex long arm lift kit, and more

When it comes to monster one of everything big lift builds Mr. Handsome is the O.G.  A Teraflex Alpine 6” long arm lift kit with adjustable Falcon 3.3 shocks gets the party started.  Step one?  Remove the front axle.

A Jeep Wrangler JKU is shown on an automotive lift without a front axle

A Teraflex Tera44 axle is shown in its shipping crate

Of course, you don’t really need to pull the front axle for a lift kit.  You do if you have a sweet Teraflex Tera44 front axle with an air locker getting installed!  

Newly welded on brackets are shown for the long arm lift kit on the Jeep Wrangler JK

Teraflex Alpine Long Arm Control Arms are shown next to stock Jeep Wrangler control arms for comparison
The new Teraflex Front Tera44 Dana 44 Axle is shown installed on a Jeep Wrangler JK

The factory control arm brackets were cut off to make way for the Teraflex Apline control arm mounts.  The new mounts were welded onto the frame.  In the picture you can see the comparison between the factory control arms and the new beefier, longer, adjustable control arms that are part of the lift kit.

The new axle is hung in place to locate a few more things.  The rear axle was regeared to match and the locker is all plumbed into the on board air.

The new Teraflex Tera44 axle is installed with new hubs and falcon adjustable shocks

Teraflex big brake kit is shown compared to OEM Jeep brake rotors

The Teraflex 6” lift kit included dual rate springs.  We also went with the Falcon 3.3 fast adjust shocks.  These allow you to dial in the ride by turning a knob on the top of the shock.  If you want a firmer or softer ride all you have to do is make a quick adjustment and you’re on your way.  We also went with the Teraflex big brake kit.  The picture shows a comparison of the stock JK rotors and the new Teraflex rotors.  Pure beef to go with the Teraflex ball joints already installed in the axle.

Picture of a stock OEM steering box next to a PSC ported hydraulic assist steering box
Falcon Fast Adjust steering stabilizer installed on a Teraflex front axle.

To control and steer all that beef we also did steering upgrades.  In place of the factory steering box we with with a PSC Big Bore XD2 ported hydraulic assist steering box.  The customer didn’t want to run hydraulic assist steering yet, but we installed the box to allow for that in the future.  Teraflex’s HD steering setup was installed along with a Falcon Fast Adjust steering stabilizer.  Just like the shocks, this allows for fast adjustment on the fly of how the steering stabilizer dampens.  

Giant mud tires are shown installed on a garden cart

40 inch Nitto Trail Grapplers mounted on Method Wheels

After we decided that the 40x15.50x20 Nitto Trail Grapplers mounted on Method wheels was probably overkill for our yard cart we mounted them onto the JK.  Holy cow do they look good!

Custom For Fox Sake Offroad inner fender liners

Up next we used the customer’s Jeep to develop our For Fox Sake Offroad Inner Fender Liners for the Falcon shocks.  He went with the Fox head for the front, but we made custom ones on the rear with his Instagram handle. Click the link to check them out or order a set for yourself.

Rear of the finished Jeep Wrangler JKU lifted with custom inner fender liners

Front of completed Jeep with custom Inner Fender Liners  
Want to see more?  Check out his Instagram HERE

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