Modified Super Lift and More on a WK

We might be known for our “one of everything” builds these days, but did you know that one of the first ones we did wasn’t a Wrangler?  It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK!

Picture of a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK on a lift with lots of parts to be installed in the foreground

Way back when in 2020 when we were still at the old shop (before it even had two lifts) we did a modified SuperLift setup with adjustable Bilstein struts for a crazy amount of lift.  Core 4x4 adjustable control arms and lots of goodies made this one of the biggest WKs we’ve seen and definitely the biggest one we’ve worked on.

Sean stands behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee to show off how tall it is after the lift.

Heck this was so long ago Sean didn’t even have a beard!  This picture shows off what a monster the Jeep was.  This is ride height with the new 35s installed.  It really was that tall!

The frame had to be notched for the drive shaft to clear, lots of drop brackets and cradles were involved in the SuperLift, and the adjustable Bilstein’s gave it even more lift.  Unfortunately, a lot of the details weren’t documented in the early days, but this one was unique enough we wanted to add it here anyway.  

Lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee WK is shown after the initial build was completed.

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