Not Just Offroad - Custom Signs

Custom sign made out of metal

An offroad shop may not be the first place you think of to make your custom or  commercial sign, but it's something we have fun doing over in our fab shop.  This one was for a local tactical shop.  Made from several layers to give it some dimension.


We don't just do bare metal, we can also powdercoat your sign.  This one is a CPA located half a country away for us.  Bonus points if you can name the city that flag is from.

Glutes 317 Sign

Of course everything we do we will also go over the top.  This one is over 4 feet tall, 3 dimensional, and has color changing LEDs mounted to the rear.  

Glutes 317 Powdercoated

Sign all powdercoated and mounted on the wall.  Check out all the cool stuff they are doing over at Glutes 317

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