Perseverance - The Build

Picture of a stock Jeep Wrangler before modification by For Fox Sake Offroad

When it comes to a blank slate this Jeep was the definition.  As you can see it was pretty much bone stock.  The owner dropped his Jeep off with a vision and we went to work!

Picture of custom inner fender liners on a Jeep Wrangler

We started with a set of custom inner fender liners with a logo to match the phoenix on the hood.  These were the first set we made for a customer and are our early two piece design.  We added some custom fender flares and some rock lights to the inners to light up the wheel wells.

Picture of custom rear inner fender liners on a Jeep Wrangler

We made a set for the rear to match the front.  Again, this was an early design where we made custom plates that worked with aftermarket liners for a full surround.  Matching Twisted Pro rock lights were installed and here you get a glimpse of the Mickey Thompson 35x12.50 tires.

Custom Jeep Wrangler JK tail light covers with brake light lit up behind them
To keep with the theme we made a set of custom tail light covers to go with the LED tail lights and turn signals that were installed.  

Custom designed Jeep JK foot pegs are shown with a phoenix

To finish off the phoenix theme we made a set of custom foot pegs to match.  These really tested the limits of what we could do with foot pegs and keep them actually functional, but they turned out great.

Picture of completed modified Jeep Wrangler

Color changing pods lights were added on either side of the windshield with some nice LED halo headlights.  New bumpers and steps along with the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ 35s along with Fuel wheels complete the look.  This was the end of phase one and you can see the Jeep sitting outside of our old shop.  But the owner wasn't done yet!

Powdercoat matched rock sliders and grill inserts shown on Jeep Wrangler

Powder coated to match the rock sliders keep up with the orange theme and new decals were made for the hood and windshield.   But he wasn't done yet!

Picture of Jeep with Powdercoated tube doors

Custom tube doors were added and powdercoated to match along with sun shade and some decals to make this Jeep totally unique and one of a kind.  This picture was shamelessly stolen from his instagram.  Go check it out HERE

We aren't done yet, though.  Come back and check out the page often as we update the build.

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