The Adventure Bike

CSC TT250 Enduro Motorcycle

Long before I was building Jeeps, Toyotas, and doing full frame off restorations I started the custom journey doing motorcycles.  Mostly I did 70s Japanese bikes and even did a Harley 883, but this time around I wanted to try my hand with something new.  I had the opportunity to do some trading for a nearly brand new CSC TT250.  These bikes are under $2k brand new which is awesome, but they REALLY lack power.

CSC TT250 Carburetor removed from motorcycle 

The first step was to try and make it a little peppier to bet my butt down the road as fast as the other cars around me.  I pulled and rejetted the carb.  These are known to be SUPER lean from the factory and that was definitely the case on this one.  I also traded our the rear sprocket for a little more top end.  Generally gave it a once over and tune up and hit the road.  Now if I tuck in close, have the wind to my back, and skip breakfast that day I can sometimes hit 70 going downhill.  Fast enough for me!

CSC TT250 with hard case pannier bags.

All it needed now to be adventure ready was somewhere to put snacks.  I drew up and cut out some brackets on our CNC plasma table and picked up some hard cases from Harbor Freight and mounted them to the back of the bike.  Just like everything else on this little bike you can't overload it or carry anything super heavy, but for a couple of snacks, a change of clothes, and a few other odds and ends it is the perfect setup.  

It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to get me to the adventure!  

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